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A Note From Our Coach - Chirimba Tiger’s (or Hard Knockers)

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First I have to thank you for the uniform we are very grateful and we ask God to bless you for what you did for us.  The second thing I have to apologise for that we did not report soon after we received the uniform.

But now we have the report and this is as follows. From the day we received the uniform we had our first game against Bollngo and with a hard and good training we won with good and beautiful goals 2-0. The second game we had was against Boy  Boy from Chilimba and it took place at Namatete primary school which is our home ground. 

And that is before the contraction project started.  The other game we played against Chemusa Stars and we had a draw for this one was a strong team and we did not have match or training because the contraction project had started. Then after we started our training at a new ground we found a victory against Lunzu 2-1.   We were back on track after having good training at our new ground. The other game we had Arematun and we won 4-0 and we played very well and people loved it.   Those are the games we played but we also have a league coming soon which we have already registered and this is the Njawala Suppus League.