Lakeside Triathlon- 27th June 2010


It was clear sunny day; birds were singing; reflections rippling restlessly on the clam waters of the lake only to be disturbed by the hundreds of people clamouring around in wetsuits, anxiously awaiting the start of the Lakeside Triathlon 2010.

On 27th June, four employees of Tangent International, Simon Dear, Lee Grayland, Daniel Skinner and Paul Johnson were amongst the competitors entering the race; they were easy to spot as they were the only competitors who opted not to wear a wetsuit, and to take to the road on mountain bikes!

The race started with a 750 metre swim in the lake. Fortunately for the Tangent athletes the water wasn’t actually very cold, so the absence of a wetsuit wasn’t quite as catastrophic as it could have been. The swim, as our men found out, wasn’t quite as easy as swimming in the local swimming pool... and it came as a bit of a shock to the system for many triathlon virgins!

When the swim was finally over, and our men had hauled themselves out of the murky depths, they found themselves running to their bikes for the 20 kilometre bike ride. The changeover was definitely a challenge... wet clothes being flung around, cycling helmets being thrown on, and a furious flurry of harassed athletes clambering to start the cycling section.

After the joys of cycling around the beautifully scenic route of West Thurrock... twice, it was time to dismount the bikes and to make like Forrest Gump! The 5 kilometre run was the last part, and everyone was clearly tired and yearning to finish. Spectators were standing on the sidelines, cheering rapturously for all who took part. After 4 laps of Lakeside – probably more laps of a shopping centre than our guys have done in the whole of their lives, finally, red of face, sweat dripping, and hearts pounding, they crossed the finishing line with remarkable aplomb.

All of our Tangent employees are incredibly proud of their colleagues who competed; and as a company, Tangent would like to congratulate and thank the employees who took part; as they are a credit to the company and to themselves. We very much look forward to seeing what they get up to next.