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Winter Tough Guy 2012 competition

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Tangent entered a team into the Winter Tough Guy 2012 competition. Billed as the hardest one day event in the world 6 of the Tangent team battled a course that included electric cattle prods, fire, 3 swims in icy water, various assault course style climbs, and rope walks over a 13K course.

This was done for charity and bravado in equal measure, and we are pleased to say all 6 completed the course together. Well 5 fit hard training members of the team finished together, whilst Don our perhaps least well prepared member made a last minute dash for glory fuelled by a training regime based mainly on cakes and .... well ... cakes.... Hopefully we will have raised a decent sum of money for two of our chosen charities and gained a couple of stories to tell in the process. Roll on 2013.

Quote of the day
'2013 year of the Tangent Warrior here we come!!

Can't wait. A brilliant unforgettable day!

I think that you would struggle to find another company in the world where 6 colleagues and supporters would take something on so dangerous and work so hard as a team to make sure that everybody finished safely.

Very proud to be a part of it!'