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A Note From One Of Our Accounts Team (Tracy)

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'I work at weekends at Studio 360 fitness in Billericay and we had a charity day on the 10th December for Make A Wish Foundation, we also had Santa around for the day and family and friends of members could come and participate in a few sporting events for the charity.'

'Karl Renata one of the senior partners and also head personal trainer/fitness instructor was cycling on one of the Body Bikes from 9.30am until 4.30pm. All staff were asked to do a slot on the body bikes for however long they wanted to cycle for.

I went there earlier in the day to do an hour on the body bike before my shift started.
A few of the staff dressed up for the occasion and at one point we even had Santa doing a short spin on the body bike.

The whole day raised about £1,050.00 for the Charity.'