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Sharing a summary of the results from Tangent's first and recent Ecovadis CSR assessment and Silver Award.

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We are striving to move 'Silver' to 'Gold' but a position within the top 18% of Recruitment Companies assessed is a clear demonstration of how serious we are about CSR.




For a company of the size of Tangent we are very passionate about our achievements in living up to our publicised commitment to CSR.

As reported regularly on this forum - all our staff are encouraged to get involved in supporting the company chosen charity, and other local & national charities, in any way they can. We take environmental stewardship very seriously and have implemented initiatives to minimise our environmental footprint; we follow industry best practice and the UN Compact with Policies on fundamental Human Rights, on Labour, on the Environment & on Anti-Corruption/Anti-competitive practices. We also look to promote Sustainability through our supply chain.

Our initiatives have just been recognised externally through the award of the Ecovadis Silver Rating.

30 of the world's leading service providers and vendors from the ICT sector have set up an entity to foster a collaborative and innovative approach to sustainability across their industry sector. One of the initiatives launched by this trade body has been the establishment of an on-line system to allow measurement of CSR accountability in supply chains. The vehicle chosen to produce this standard measurement is Ecovadis.