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Ramadan Sharing Fridge

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An initiative set up in Dubai by a group of Expats to give food and drinks to those having to work outside in the summer heat, such as gardeners and construction workers, during the Ramadan period. The initiative started off with a single fridge but now includes over 50 fridges from Abu Dhabi to Dubai to Sharjah - all being run and filled by Expats in the Emirates.

The Tangent office in Dubai was only too pleased to join this very worthwhile initiative and helped fill up fridges in four locations in Dubai with water, dates, chocolate, laban, biscuits and fizzy drinks. The following photographs show Lauren, Bob, Emily and Rochelle at one of the locations. When they arrived at the locations most of the fridges were empty and there were many requests on the Facebook page seeking additional donations. Many of these fridges are filled up over 10 times a day and emptied within minutes.