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Chris Williams - Grow-a-fro-athon

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My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2012. Although he deals with things well, my mum has found it quite difficult to come to terms with. Mainly because my dad now requires a bit of help for the normal day to day things.




All this from a man that was always so big and so strong and never took a day off sick while he was working. In general, it doesn't get him down because as he says "I've been lucky to have an illness free life". The only thing that does get him down about it is when his Grand Children ask " Grandad, why won't your hand stop shaking?"

So I thought I would do something to acknowledge his illness. Also because depending on how fast this Parkinson's progresses, we could soon be looking for assistance from his local Parkinson's Support Group through Parkinson's UK.


This actually started off as a joke where my Manager offered me £50 (to give to charity) if I grew my hair by the Christmas Party 2013. Since then, everyone in my team and other staff members across the business have offered me money for doing the same. The bet, joke, whatever you want to call it has somehow turned into a Company Event!!!


12th April 2013









13th September 2013